We’re Safe Now

American Jews renounce birthright citizenship in Israel

Birthright citizenship in Israel – the Law of Return – is used as an excuse by both neo-Nazis and Zionists to expel us and worse.  However we have freedom of speech and religion and can therefore protect ourselves here.  We’re safe now and must renounce birthright citizenship – for the sake of Jews around the world who don’t share our freedoms or safety.


The reason we’re safe now is that we have freedom of speech, religion, press and association, along with gun rights.  European Jews have none of these things and stupidly expect their government to protect them.  Of course, that will lead to disaster as it always does.  Thus we must do a better job of exporting our values to Europe (and Canada and Australia), and we must fiercely defend these rights, especially gun rights which are under serious attack from many quarters.  It’s particularly baffling to me why American Jews would abdicate gun rights to an administration that would gladly massacre them.  But fortunately the ‘gun nuts’ in America will protect us.  And ironically will also be sent over to Europe to liberate them.  (Again.)

Jew on Jew

The greatest threat to the Jews is not muslims, or nazis, or neo-nazis, or BDS, or ‘antisemitism’.  The greatest threat is our Jewish brethren.  This weakens the Jewish community and makes us vulnerable to other groups.  They did the same thing a hundred years ago, and this resulted in the Holocaust. #neveragain

  • Ultra orthodox burn women in effigy, and the country is silent.  They call secular Jews ‘dogs’.  They refuse to let us pray at the Wall.
  • The Jerusalem police attack the ultra orthodox with water cannons.  The secular Jews demand the haredi serve in the army.  But why would you want these guys to have your six?  Only because you are self-hating Jews.
  • Secular Jews demand the government ‘crack down’ on the ultra orthodox for refusing to let them pray at the wall.  This will result in slaughter.
  • The Zionists criminalize BDS and thereby put Jews at risk around the world of being arrested and imprisoned.  The Dersh is leading the charge, and Shmuley, Mort, and Qatar are bashing each other in the scheme to criminalize ‘illegal boycotts’.
  • Jews sacrifice their own children to the Atomwaffen and then cry ‘Nazi!’ and ‘antisemite!’
  • Jews sacrifice their own children to the autism industry and then if their secular Jewish brothers balk at paying the bill for ‘treatment’ they cry, “Murderer!”
  • Jews send their children to North Korea, Iran and Poland and then tell us to ‘do good deeds’ when they are imprisoned and killed, as if it was our fault.
  • Orthodox Jews are deeply homophobic and bully their own gay children to mental illness and suicide.
  • Israel whips up antisemitism frenzy across Europe, despite protests from the local Jews, and even Netanyahu’s son Yair gets in on the action.
  • And of course if you point out that Israel is a Nazi state, you are accused of being “an auto anti-Semite”.
  • Zionists are constantly threatening to report me to the police for ‘holocaust denial’ and lamenting my role in killing Palestinians and writing unflattering reviews of their preposterously stupid inventions.
  • ADL hyperventilates about ‘antisemitism’, even though most of it is coming from Israel.
  • Hypocritical putin stooge Max Blumenthal threatens to sue SPLC for calling him a hypocritical putin stooge.
  • Jews from the ‘Frankfurt School’ bash renowned American institutions like Columbia U and McDonald’s for being ‘racist’ and ‘insensitive’ and other Jews pile on and everyone else is silent (except for me of course).  Which makes us despised and resented.
  • For pointing this out, I am blocked on twitter by the  left and the  right.  Similarly, prosperous liberal Jews were bashed by the left (Bolsheviks) and right (Zionists) and this weakened Jewish civil society and lead to the Holocaust.

Yes Putin and Farrakhan and Trump are antisemites.  But guess what?  They are also racist, sexist, homophobic, and a bunch of other things.  Our knee-jerk attacks on them are not just hypocritical, they are also extremely self-destructive.  Because this polarizes them to ally with each other against us.  As a smart man (who shall remain nameless) once explained: “History repeats itself, the first as tragedy, then as farce.”  Let’s learn from our mistakes, for once?

Next Fall

By the sweat of thy brow shall ye toil in sorrow all the days of thy life until ye beg for death.

If you commit a sin at the Kotel such as not wearing a kippa or praying too loudly, a black hat may approach you with a reprimand. If they persist, a simple “Go away” usually works and if not then yelling at them will do the trick.  They are actually pretty timid and will scatter at any sign of disturbance.  Nevertheless, the secular Jewish community is terrified of them because their children will give them a vicious side-eye and may even call them blasphemous names and this could quickly escalate to getting stoned to death in the center of the plaza.  Therefore secular Jews are going directly to the government to demand that the IDF crack down on these religious extremists who are more dangerous than ISIS. Continue reading Next Fall

The Road to Utopia

People in the defense and private security industry are frightened because they think: if war and crime are resolved, then they’ll have nothing to do and will be out of a job.  While this is true, this bodes very well for the economy overall, as well as the standard of living.  Because instead of destroying people and lives and property, these people can focus on BUILDING lives and property and making people happy.  Of course there is less money in such endeavors – but that’s ok.  Because they will have a lot less to worry about and can sleep easy at night. Continue reading The Road to Utopia

Bing, Bang, Bongo

I’m not sure why I’ve never written an article on the causes of terrorism, as I’m the world’s foremost expert on the subject.  But I haven’t.  I’ve written a million and a half comments on internet articles, though never extensively as a blog post.  Perhaps because I could go on forever.  I’ve written about Omar Mateen and Elliot Rodger in my blog, so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel the pressing need. Continue reading Bing, Bang, Bongo

The Convergence is Nigh

  Socia lism Putin Bibi Assad Trump Terr ism Addi ction Free
Adx Myth bad bad bad bad bad fake fake yes
Oz bad bad bad bad real  no
Eli Lake bad bad good good real  ?
Prop OrNot bad bad ?  bad bad no
ENB bad bad bad ? yes
Charles good bad  ? bad bad
High-Minded good bad bad bad ?
Antony good bad ?
Max good good bad good ? fake
Eli Valley good bad bad  bad bad yes
Adx Myth bad bad bad bad bad fake fake yes

I was hoping to do a complete circle with only one degree of separation between each person.  I don’t think that’s possible, but hey it was worth a try!

Foiled Again

Scooby Doo – where are you????

Israel is awash in foreign funding and Trump just promised to increase the budget of the Palestinian Authority even as he slashed foreign aid to all other countries.  Israel is addicted to foreign aid.  They receive about $4B a year for their ‘defense’ budget to protect them from the Palestinian ‘terrorists’ among others who are funded by the US and the UN and other countries, even as they use the money to incubate ISIS to attack Europe (and which recently apologized for accidentally attacking Israel).   Continue reading Foiled Again

Israel Will Be Fine

Israel is delegitimizing itself in a hysterical and manic witch hunt against BDS.  Enemies are everywhere and intent on its destruction.  However this paranoid and shrill campaign only serves to alienate the very people it needs to stand up for it, especially young diaspora Jews who now see it as an intolerant apartheid state like South Africa. Continue reading Israel Will Be Fine

Nukies for North Africa

OPEC oil overproduction suppresses worldwide energy prices.  It is the bane of Exxon Mobil and BP.  How to fix this problem?  Easy: incite violence in the middle east, blame it on ‘terrorism’, and then lob in the nukies.  This is the overall strategy of Trump and the Generals.  Trump complains that ‘nation building is a disaster’ while at the same time he says, “I would bomb the hell out of them.”  And the Trumpkins cheer. Continue reading Nukies for North Africa